1. Some Of The Most Unforgettable Personal Trainers In Movies

    Movies are great, and we think that’s a pretty agreeable claim. What’s even better than that? Well, to us, movies with stories about personal trainers shaping up characters in the plotline is combining the best of the fitness and entertainment worlds. Many people watch videos while they work out on the treadmill or an elliptical, and so we figured, why not dedicate a blog post to famous fitnes…Read More

  2. Common Fat Burn Myths That You Should Know

    When it comes to the health and fitness equation, fat burn is, while an important component, still only part of the equation. Yet, countless people who have delved into their fitness journey seem to be absolutely obsessed with the concept of burning fat, tunneling in on it and thinking that it is the only thing that matters when it comes to getting in shape. Well, the reality is that burning fat i…Read More

  3. Some Things People Tend To Look For When Choosing A Fitness Center

    Finding the right gym can be a challenge sometimes. To be honest, there are so many options out there that it might make your head spin more than a spin class at one of the fitness centers that you’re considering joining. At CSS Fitness in Scottsdale, we want our gym members to be comfortable and confident in their decision to choose us, and that’s why we have our expert, personalized training…Read More

  4. Couples Fitness Classes And Workout Ideas For Couples

    When you think of the ideal date, you’re probably thinking of something along the lines of showering, getting all dressed up, applying perfume or cologne, and going to a nice restaurant or some other respectable romantic venue. We’re fairly sure that what you’re not thinking of is getting hot and sweaty with your partner...at the gym, of course. No, exercising in the form of lifting weights,…Read More

  5. What Does a Spin Class Consist Of?

    At CSS Fitness, one of our main fitness programs emphasizes fat burn and a good cardiovascular workout. While strength training is essential to good health and good fitness, the main goal of many gym goers is to rapidly burn fat (while having fun!), and that’s why CSS Fitness offers spin classes as an efficient, engaging and effective way to burn fat with the support of encouragement of others. …Read More

  6. Benefits Of Dynamic Stretching With Our Scottsdale Gym Membership

    At our Scottsdale gym, you’ll be doing a lot of great activities to help whip yourself into shape, whether you’re focusing on aerobic fitness, strength training, or a healthy combination of the two. Living an active lifestyle and becoming more fit is great, but so is staying clear of any potential injuries. Even avoiding feeling excessively sore at the end of a workout is something that most p…Read More

  7. Gym Technology: Taking a Quick Look at 3D Body Scanning

    Gym and exercise technology has massively evolved over the past few decades. From simple barbell weights and the most basic treadmill designs all the way to the convenience of your very own fitness smart watch, there’s no doubt that our Scottsdale fitness center is able to take advantage of technology to help maximize and streamline your exercise experience to give you a better idea of your own …Read More

  8. The Advantages of HIIT Exercises

    No, we’re not talking about blindly hitting each other as a form of training. In the title, you’ll notice that the word ‘hit’ is spelled with two ‘i’s, and that’s because this isn’t actually a word, but rather, an acronym. You may have heard of HIIT before, but what does it stand for, and more importantly, what does it consist of? HIIT is one of many training programs and services …Read More

  9. Benefits You’ll Get With a Personal Trainer

    If you’ve tried to exercise in the past only to scratch your head at how a machine works, or worse, injure yourself as a result of not knowing how to do something right, then you know how frustrating it can be to get back in the fitness game without proper guidance and instruction. Not only can ‘blind’ exercise subject you to injury, but it can also cause complications in the long term for y…Read More

  10. Fun Ways To Burn Fat Fast and Get Aerobic Exercise

    As we’ve mentioned in the past, exercise is a great way to enhance and maintain your happiness and your health. There’s no secret that, beyond the ineffable euphoria of the ‘runner’s high,’ aerobic exercise is closely associated with having a better mood, improved and sustained daily energy levels, and lower levels of depression and anxiety. We might sound like a broken record when it co…Read More