Gym and exercise technology has massively evolved over the past few decades. From simple barbell weights and the most basic treadmill designs all the way to the convenience of your very own fitness smart watch, there’s no doubt that our Scottsdale fitness center is able to take advantage of technology to help maximize and streamline your exercise experience to give you a better idea of your own fitness level.

Get Better Fitness Results With Better Data at CSS Fitness

While gauging how you feel is a good way of assessing yourself, there’s something to be said about objective, scientific data measurements about things like your body composition, posture analysis, and other proprietary bodily measurements that are made possible by the latest in fitness technology.

At CSS Fitness, our Scottsdale fitness center takes pride in providing our clients with 3D body shape and measurement visualization services to give our clients a better idea of their own body and their own health. Let’s go ahead and take a closer look at this technology and what the Fit3D can do for you!

Why a Scale Is Just a Number

When clients narrow in on their weight loss as a measure of their fitness progress, this can present a number of issues. Fitness professionals around the world have long explained that people’s focus on just weight loss as a number – as opposed to fat loss – is counterproductive, and quite honestly, discouraging for many people.

As you lose fat during your fitness journey, your overall body size will literally shrink. We’ve found time and time again that it’s hard for gym goers to be objective about their health quest when the scale still reads the exact number as the previous month – or maybe even a little bit more due to water weight or other factors. The reality is that weighing on a scale is, at best, a misguided way to gauge overall health. By focusing on what the scale says, people lose the bigger picture of what really matters: transforming their body, and ultimately, feeling better.

So, How Does 3D Body Scanning Help?

By using 3D body scanning, our dedicated training professionals at CSS Fitness can determine exactly how much body fat a person needs to lose in order to meet their ideal (yet realistic) health and fitness goals. Additionally, 3D body scanning can create a calorie intake model based on the member’s particular goals and daily calorie expenditure as it relates to their personalized exercise program.

In other words, the point of 3D body scanning is to help you track your fitness progress over time, with far more detailed and accurate data than something like a fitness watch could ever provide (though we don’t necessarily recommend against using them to track your heart rate, etc.). All things considered, you could gain weight or stay the exact same weight but still become significantly healthier because muscle weighs more than fat, and yet, you’ve trimmed inches off of your body and waistline.

Track Your Progress Safely

With 3D body scanning, you can safely track your progress in terms of both body composition and fat percentage. In addition to that, a 3D body scan can also help you determine any potential health risks and track baseline circumference measurements of things like your waist, thighs, and bust. With a 3D body scanner, you can trust reliable, accurate data to guide your decisions and fitness plan.

3D Body Scanners Are Easy and Convenient

Do you really want to use the cumbersome, archaic method of using a tape measure to assess your body composition? And even if you do, can you trust your own measurements? We’ll leave that question up to you to answer, but several studies have suggested that 3D optical scanning technology can actually be quite accurate, all things considered. And while 3D body scanning is a relatively new standard practice for fitness assessments at high-tech gyms these days, the technology behind 3D body scanners is far from new.

A Little Context Behind 3D Scanners

According to John Shepherd, professor of biomedical imaging at the University of California-San Francisco, the technology has actually been around for over two decades. The initial scanners were made by using a type of laser-scanning technology, similar to what you’d see when barcodes are scanned at the grocery store.

Since the development of the initial body scanners, the newer body scanning technology at you would see at our Scottsdale fitness center uses more of a scan pattern, in which complex algorithms compare how the pattern looks projected onto your body as opposed to how it would look on a flat surface. After using that data, it will then predict the shape of your body.

Mobile App Integration

Another convenient, modern feature that 3D body scanning technology has to offer is the ability to sync with a mobile app so that you can conveniently view your personal data anytime, whether you’re actually at our gym or not. Given the widespread fitness application market these days, there’s even potential to ‘gamify’ your own fitness journey, so to speak, by comparing your current metrics against your previous measurements and competing against yourself.

Come Discover 3D Scanners At CSS Fitness For Yourself!

The only way to really experience all of the awesome benefits that 3D fit scanning technology can offer is to pair it with our experienced, knowledgeable training professionals over at our Scottsdale gym. Our fitness programs are designed to maximize your overall health and happiness, whether you’re participating in a corporate fitness program, an aerobic exercise program, or strength training. Get in touch with our Scottsdale fitness center today to learn more about how we can help you!

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