If you’ve tried to exercise in the past only to scratch your head at how a machine works, or worse, injure yourself as a result of not knowing how to do something right, then you know how frustrating it can be to get back in the fitness game without proper guidance and instruction. Not only can ‘blind’ exercise subject you to injury, but it can also cause complications in the long term for your body and muscles if you’re using them incorrectly.

Fortunately, our dedicated personal training and small group training services at CSS Fitness are here to help you! We welcome people of all skill levels and walks of life, regardless of your activity level. It is our goal to provide you with the guidance, knowledge, and resources to empower yourself to reach and exceed your fitness goals for the long haul. In today’s post, we’re going to take a look at the proven benefits of a personal trainer as they relate to helping you navigate fat burn, strength training, and improving your overall happiness and quality of life. Let’s take a look.

You’ll Learn A Lot About Yourself

Simply put, a personal trainer is, well, trained in teaching others how to exercise. While exercise itself is only a part of overall fitness, nutrition and lifestyle also play an essential role in the larger context of fitness. A personal trainer can educate you on safe and effective exercise, which breaks down into two main things:

  1. If you don’t know which exercises are the most effective to support reaching the goals you’ve set for yourself, then you are probably more unlikely to achieve those goals in the first place. For instance, if your goal is to build core strength but you’re spending all of your time on cardio exercises, then you just aren’t going to accomplish what you’ve set out to achieve. Working out is about putting in the sweat and effort, but there’s also something to be said about working smart.
  2. We need to emphasize the importance of injury reduction. Many people hurt themselves every year by performing exercises that they have not trained for, which can have a negative impact on their health and fitness for a long time. So, having someone properly trained in how to execute certain tasks will greatly reduce the level of risk and increase the overall effectiveness of your fitness routine. Sounds like a good deal!

Form Healthy, Lifelong Habits

Another important benefit of a personal trainer is that they can help you form good habits, even if it takes weeks or months. Breaking bad habits can take even longer than creating good ones, but a personal trainer can also help you with that. Think of your personal trainer not only as a friend but also like a good angel on your shoulders (think about the classic devil vs. angel moral conscience thing). They’ll help you keep track of your fitness goals and make sure that you’re progressing at an appropriate rate, going not too slow but not too fast.

You’ll Get a Training Plan Tailored Just For You

That’s right! Now, you can have your very own exercise regimen designed especially for your body type, previous activity level, and so forth. A good personal trainer will be able to tailor your training plan to suit you and what you enjoy, as well as encourage you to do the exercises that are the most conducive to achieving your personal fitness goals.

Some days, you just might not feel up to a hard, strenuous workout. Having a personal trainer means that they can set up an exercise schedule that day to accommodate to your mood, while still making the session helpful, productive, and worth your time. If you’re feeling in limbo about working out, no worries either – the intense verbal encouragement from your personal trainer can do just the trick to get you past that mental or physical road block.

They ‘Fit’ Into Your Schedule

Get it? Anyway, with a personal trainer, you’ll have the convenience of setting up hours that work with your life, whether you’re choosing to exercise before work, after work, at lunch, or right before bed. A personal trainer is one of the most versatile professions out there in terms of hours, and your trainer understands that different clients have different availabilities, and they will tailor appointment times to suit you.

You’ll Have Your Own Motivational Coach

Don’t like being challenged and pushed to the best of your abilities? Too bad! A personal trainer will help you realize that you can achieve more than you ever thought you could. If you don’t think that you’ll be ready for that upcoming race or you won’t be able to fit into that stylish dress in two weeks, a personal trainer is fully prepared to prove you wrong on those points (and they probably enjoy it, too!).

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Your Mental Health Will Benefit

Exercise goes way beyond physical benefits, as our Scottsdale gym has mentioned before. It has long been known that physical exercise can help with mental health issues such as depression and anxiety, to the point that exercise is a legitimate and recommended treatment by numerous medical health professionals.

Having a personal trainer to help you navigate through your exercise plan is a great way to combat against mental health problems, especially those related to motivation and following through on intentions. Not to mention that vigorous exercise releases endorphins, i.e. feel-good chemicals that produce natural euphoria, which is essentially the science behind the runner’s high. With the constant and non-judgemental support of a fitness professional at your side, it’s nice to have an additional shoulder to lean on.

You’ll Never Get ‘Bored’ With Your Exercise Routine

Even if people get the motivation to exercise in the first place, what happens is a lot of people get burnt out very quickly due to repetitive, non-dynamic workouts. An experienced trainer will teach you a variety of fun exercise methods which can keep you from being getting bored.

Plus, if a specific exercise doesn’t work for you, the trainer can change your activity to one that better suits you and provides the same or even better physical benefits. Trainers can also help you make necessary adjustments as your fitness level improves to ensure your continued and dedicated progress.

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We’ll wrap it up here, but clearly, there are many benefits to having a dedicated personal trainer or group personal trainer guiding you through your fitness journey to success. At CSS Fitness, we value the success of our clients and the improvement in their health, and we want you to reap the benefits! Don’t just take our word for all of these things; burn fat fast and get the weight loss and strengthened muscles that you deserve through our personal training workout program services. Contact us today!

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