When it comes to the health and fitness equation, fat burn is, while an important component, still only part of the equation. Yet, countless people who have delved into their fitness journey seem to be absolutely obsessed with the concept of burning fat, tunneling in on it and thinking that it is the only thing that matters when it comes to getting in shape. Well, the reality is that burning fat is part of a sensible, holistic approach to overall health and wellness.

Burn Fat Safely At CSS Fitness

At CSS Fitness, we offer various classes like our spin class that helps people rapidly burn fat and sweat out all of those dreaded calories, but that’s only part of what you should be doing to lose weight and get in better shape. As the fat burn obsession in fitness and gym culture tends to receive so much attention that it’s resulted in a number of myths floating around, our Scottsdale gym figured that it was only appropriate to address some of these myths in yet another blog post.

Let’s go ahead and dive in.

Myth: Cut Carbs, Lose Weight

It’s a simple and attractive claim, but also one that’s not true. To burn fat, you must fuel your body with the calories that it needs to achieve high-intensity ranges of exercise. As such, without the proper fuel (carbohydrates), your tank will be running on empty and you’ll ultimately be running on nothing more than fumes. Even if you feel like you’re working hard, your workouts still won’t be as long and effective as they would if you had fueled your body correctly, to begin with.

Myth: Lose A Pound A Week By Cutting 500 Calories A Day From Food

This is untrue and also just unhealthy. Human beings were built to survive, and when calories are severely restricted, our bodies go into ‘survival mode.’ So, caloric deprivation results in the slowing down of your metabolic rate, therefore holding onto every remaining calorie inside of your body. The takeaway here is that consuming fewer calories per day propels the body into conserving fuel, whereas eating more calories will allow you to train harder and keep your metabolic rate up to optimal levels.

Myth: Extended Moderate Exercise Burns More Fat Than High-Intensity Exercise

You might burn more fat than carbohydrates during a moderate exercise session, but the total calorie burn actually depends on the duration of the workout itself. But with moderate exercise, there is not much post-exercise elevation in your metabolic rate when you’re done working out.

With high-intensity exercise, however, it causes more of an intense ‘after-burn’ that can last up to a day or even more after you’re done working out. It’s pretty convenient, and a nice reward after you’ve put in all of that hard work. The after-burn is fueled mostly by fat, and that is when the body has the most potential to actually change shape. Check out something called EPOC, or excess post-exercise oxygen consumption, which is responsible for your increased fat burn and metabolic rate as a result of your body’s significantly increased need for oxygen consumption.

Myth: Fasting Is A Good Fat Burn Solution

This is very unhealthy, and a bad idea. While carefully fasting for religious purposes or intermittently fasting can be safely done, it’s never a recommended fat burn or weight loss strategy. To exercise, your body needs fuel, as we mentioned above. So again, while we’re not totally writing off fasting as a legitimate thing to do, be careful not to do it for the wrong reasons.

We Have Services To Help You Burn Fat The Healthy Way

We can’t promise that it won’t be difficult, but by doing things like aerobic exercise, HIIT training, and group training, you’ll learn how to lose belly fat the safe and effective way. It will take some time, but with hard work and dedication, CSS Fitness is confident that our Scottsdale body management practice will help you meet your personal goals. Contact us today to learn more!

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