What happens to our bodies as we age? It’s not something that people particularly enjoy thinking about, but it is a reality that grows in importance over time. Aging is a natural part of the human experience that should be embraced and supported rather than rejected or outright denied. It’s pretty well known that exercising and staying in shape at a younger age sets the foundation for a healthier overall life as you get older. However, maintaining the motivation to stay in good shape just seems to get more and more difficult as people age. So, what do we do about that?

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There’s certainly no ‘one-size-fits-all’ when it comes to working out and getting in shape, and a good gym knows that. Gyms usually have people of vastly different ages and backgrounds working hard to achieve their goals, gain strength, or even just losing a few pounds. At CSS Fitness, our Scottsdale fitness center works with your personal needs to determine what is best for you and you alone. We haven’t touched on what to keep in mind when you’re exercising into the middle ages of your life, and that’s exactly what we’re going to touch in on today’s blog post. Check out what our training programs can do for you here regardless of what age you are, and read on to discover some valuable information about training at an older age.

Just Moving Is A Great Place To Start

You don’t have to pump crazy amounts of iron or run marathons in order to stay in decent shape past a certain age. In fact, you don’t have to do anything overly-hardcore at any point in your life to stay fit. But when you start getting up there in age, doing any sort of repetitive movements is bound to do you some good. Sitting around all of the time is actually a risk factor for nearly all causes of mortality – people who live completely sedentary lifestyles are at a higher risk for just about everything. So, regular but not overly strenuous exercise can reduce the likelihood and severity of a number of chronic illnesses.

Getting In The Best Shape Of Your Life

Okay, if you were an Olympic track athlete or a professional bodybuilder back in your heyday, then no, you’re most likely not going to get back into the greatest shape of your life. However, it is very possible to get into the best shape of your life if you’re over fifty and you’ve spent most of those years being inactive and out of shape. Realistically, the best thing to do at a certain age in life is just to eat healthily and stay as active as you can, even if it just means going on frequent walks, playing an intramural sport, or taking a spin class.

Motivation And Discipline

Whatever your plan is, sticking to it can often prove to be difficult. Something that can help you follow through with your fitness intentions is having a purpose – if you want a better life, physical movement is the “on switch,” if you will. Planning your workouts out in advance and even scheduling them on your calendar or day planner also helps – decide what you are going to do and then what time you’re going to do it. If you need more accountability, consider bringing third parties into the situation like a close friend or a family member. When you share common goals or desires with those in your life that you love, putting on your gym shoes and getting active doesn’t seem quite so difficult.

Keeping Your Expectations Realistic

Again, achieving the best shape of your life after 50 is completely relative. If you’ve been in rough shape all of your life, then it shouldn’t be extremely difficult to get in relatively great shape by comparison – after that, it’s only up from there. However, if you’ve been in great shape for most of your life, you’ll need to keep expectations in check and be realistic – your best efforts at 55 just aren’t going to be what they were at 20.

As the human body gets older, more recovery time after hard workouts and more sleep become necessary. Just make sure to be patient, consistent and realistic as you train. Accepting that it will take longer to gain muscle and lose body fat will lead to less frustrating workouts and a less frustrating fitness journey when you haven’t noticed any progress for a while. Just stick with it and stay positive!

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